Are you Half Evil enough to be a Carborocket Disciple?

In honor of one of our most beloved products, 333 Half-Evil, we want to ask you...ARE YOU HALF EVIL?  

Carborocket is exploding and we don't want you to get left behind. We are looking to partner with people who share our mantra to FUEL SMARTER, GO FARTHER, and have the HALF EVIL alter ego that dominates the competition. 

Introducing our Carborocket Disciple (Ambassador) Program

Our program has some crazy potential to put money into your pocket and best of all it's simple. 
It goes like this... 

  1. We provide you with both a unique link to our website and a discount code to share with people you know! 

  2. As a good disciple should, you'll spread the word about the product. 

  3. When people come to the site through your unique link and make a purchase or use your discount code at checkout, you get PAID! 

Here's some info for you...


  • 15% commission on revenues brought in by you.

  • 365 day cookies policy. (Anyone who purchases using your discount code or unique url link will be tracked for the next YEAR and any repeat purchases will be credited to you!)

  • Rotating every 6 weeks we will highlight one product that will net you a higher commission when your referred customers purchase it! Rehab Recovery has a 25% commission right now! 

Affiliate Perks

  • 30% off personal purchases!!! Order up and share with people who haven't tried the product yet! 

  • Our bonus program! If you are responsible for Quarterly Revenues of $3000 or more, you’ll get $300 of free product! 

We refer to our affiliates as "Disciples" because they are fanatical about sharing Carborocket products! If you think you have what it takes to be a Disciple then click the link below to apply! 

Pledge your loyalties, Become a DISCIPLE